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Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Voted in the Webby Awards!

I subscribe to BBC's "If you only read six things this week" newsletter (it used to be five things btw) and it was soliciting votes for its Webby nomination. But nope, I didn't vote, haha. A week or so later, I got another solicitation to vote from Zagat's Foodtripping video series, so well now there are two things to vote for, I suppose voting's worth the effort. I've always heard about the Webbys and had a generally positive idea of it, but aside from that, I really didn't know much about it. I definitely have never voted in it before. Big mistake! It's a really good resource to find the best of the web. There are so many categories and so many high quality nominees. Some are big names like the Buzz Feed and Refinery 29, whereas some are the smaller divisions of big names (like's individual non-current affairs sections). Since the Webbys were founded by the Academy of Design, some nominees are nominated not for their product but their design like Milk Makeup and the museum shop of the Rijksmuseum. Those two are in the same category of shopping wesbites! Buzzy millennial makeup brand and museum gift shop make for strange bedfellows but they are gorgeous websites! I've also been exploring the Jet Propulsion Lab's Cassini mission website. It has lots of in-depth articles mixed in with eye-catching pictures and interesting little trivia boxes. It reminds me a lot of my children's encyclopedia or science volumes. Anyway, voting for the Webby is on until April 20 at

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Remember Tinsley Mortimer?

I can't remember anymore why 30 minutes ago I searched for the year she and Topper Mortimer divorced (2013, but publicly separated in 2009) but now I've found out how badly things have turned for her. New York Post's Page Six told of how she was in a physically abusive relationship with a son of a sugar baron in Palm Beach and how she was so afraid to file charges even with all her bruises and staples to the head(!) because the family was so rich and powerful. Once upon a time, I'd wait for Socialite Rank to update every Sunday to look at pictures of her and her perfect life. She'd attended glittering New York parties with her perfect dresses and perfect hair particularly the ones by Dior of which she was the brand ambassador. She also had a line of bags with Samantha Thavasa, just like Victoria Beckham (and latterly Funassyi the pear fairy mascot, haha). She had it all plus the pedigree. But then she did Gossip Girl, then her own weird reality TV show, all the while getting a divorce and things went downhill for her and the rest of that kind of New York society with her. Socialite Rank shut down around the same time too. Ironically the same agent of her downfall is now her ticket away from her abusive relationship and back to New York society; she's now on Real Housewives of New York. Good luck to Tinsley