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Monday, April 7, 2014

Moomin Haulin

UNIQLO UT Moomin Women's Collection
My Moomin T-shirts
  I was supposed to buy one Moomin t-shirt, one Moomin tunic, and for my friend A one Snoopy t-shirt at Uniqlo, but ended up buying three Moomin t-shirts for myself. They were on sale and look, only one is gray.
UNIQLO UT Moomin Women's Collection
You can't see them, but the style of the sleeves is "French" aka slouchy shoulder, shorter than cap sleeves, not set-in and not raglan either. The sleeves and the torso are one piece of fabric.

Uniqlo UT Moomin Women's T-shirts and Moomin Diary

Moomin Diary cover with Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Little My, Snufkin and Stinky

Moomin Diary by Ellon HK

Moomin and Snorkmaiden on a Boat

  A bought me a present from Hong Kong. It's a Moomin diary. While she was there we messaged over Viber and said that she saw Moomin figurines in a character store. Mucho dinero. I wasn't expecting to receive a present so I'm very happy with it. Thank you A.

  On a side note, while at Uniqlo I asked the shop assistant to use my own reusable bag to pack my t-shirts which he did, but proceeded to put the pair of sunglasses that I bought along with the t-shirts in a plastic bag before putting it in my own bag. The three t-shirts and sunglasses fit in that bag.


  1. Hi Tracy! Oh, I love the Mumins, Their world always seemd so mysterious, darker than other worlds. But also soft.
    Lucky you, you have 'Uniqlo' at your hands.
    greetings, Paula

  2. Oh god, a fellow Moomin enthusiast!! Moomin introduced me to my first English words, kept me company all these years through character pajamas, stationeries,handkerchieves, etc. *Little My is the best!!*