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Sunday, July 13, 2014


For a few weeks, this was breakfast. We had a 2.5 kg bag of so-so (sour) frozen strawberries that were not fit to eat by themselves so I added them to my instant oatmeal. It seemed like a lot of trouble to chop up four frozen strawberries, wash a knife and a cutting board every morning, especially when all I was eating was instant oatmeal, but I did it anyway for those few weeks. And those few weeks were good. The strawberries are gone now and I reused the bag to line the small kitchen trash bin.


  1. Hard/unripe fruit goes into my smoothies if I don't like eating them on their own. Pretty photo though ;)

    1. Thank you! As sour as they were, the strawberries were rather photogenic, especially when a whole heap of delicate slices were piled up.